Saturday, September 18, 2010

Can You Smell it in the Air?

The smell of crisp leaves and cool air. The anticipated tastes of yummy apple and pumpkin pies. You know what time of year it is. It is Autumn!

With fall being just around the corner, this next unit study I have had the opportunity to review is quite timely. I actually didn't do this one completely this time around. Autumn Treasures was our family's first introductions into unit study learning (along with figuring out finally what a lapbook really is.) But I love this time of year and I'm thinking we may revisit this one on a regular basis.

This unit study is packed with tons of wonderful topics to spur your child's learning. Here's a sneak peek:

Day 1: What is Autumn?
Day 2: Science Secrets of Autumn
Day 3: People and Places of Autumn
Day 4: Time for Tips and Treasures of Autumn
Day 5: Goodies and Gadgets of Autumn

This unit study is one of the other major reasons my children are now taking such an interest into Nature Studying.

One of my children's favorite parts is searching for treasures outside - whether that be leaves, sticks, 'weeds', or acorns, they go and collect them and want to explore.

If this unit study sounds like something that your children (or even you) would enjoy, now's the time to go a and purchase it. Autumn Treasures is currently on sale now through Sept 24, 20% off for the Autumnal Equinox Special.

I want you also to be sure to go and read what others are saying about their experiences with this awesome unit study.

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