Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unexpected Finds

So this past week the girls helped me water our "garden." It's not really much of one and we haven't really been able to get anything from it yet, but maybe in the fall we can. I have some squash and watermelon (for the hubby and the girls, not me) growing on the end of our garden area. And our deck garden bins are pretty much done. Most of the herbs are drying on the stems and the lettuce is all done (way too hot). The only things left are a couple of onions and some garlic chives. So pretty soon we need to go find what we think we can grow around the deck in those baskets for the fall.

Anyways, back to watering the garden. We were watering the garden when Arianna spotted a small grasshopper. She tried to catch it, but it was way to fast for her. It ended up jumping in the grass which completely camouflaged it much to their dismay.

Then we came back on the deck and I saw a teeny tiny lizard within the deck garden baskets. I had to help the girls spot it since he was also very green and blended quite well into his surroundings. Can you spot him?

Later that week we were able to finally get a picture of this dragonfly. The girls have been chasing the dragonfly for days. Before I let the dogs out one afternoon I noticed him on their water bowl. So I called the girls so that they could at least have a closer look at him before the dogs scared him away again. He is truly a very unique dragonfly.

Then yesterday morning we all came out to say goodbye to daddy when he went to go to work.  And the girls noticed a huge flock of geese in the middle of our neighborhood.  They're a bit hard to see, but here's the picture we took of them.

I hope you enjoyed these little treasures. Be sure and stop by at Peace Hill on the Prairie and tell us all about your nature finds. I'd love to hear what your find was.


Monica said...

Love your nature-finds and photos! We love nature studies too. Just found your blog and Peace Hill's. I'm joining you two. Drop by and check out our "Science" header - it has our nature studies!
Monica at discovertheirgifts.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by our Scavenger Hunt page! Waving Hi from the crew too!

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