Monday, August 2, 2010

The "Not Back to School" Blog Hop - Curriculum

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I am joining up with the Not Back-To-School Blog Hop over at Heart of the Matter Online. There will be 4 weeks to this blog hop and each week has a theme.

This weeks theme is Curriculum. I haven't really even had time to get my head wrapped around the idea that school will be starting soon ... very soon and I don't feel ready in the least. So I'm hoping that by joining this blog hop I can help myself and get all my schedules and plans completed.

This year I will have 2 that will be homeschooling. Arianna, who is about to be 7 at the end of this month, and Audrie, who will be 5 on the 15th of next month. Arianna will be starting 2nd grade and Audrie will be beginning K5 Kindergarten (we do K3 and K4 also You can see my other links to curriculum by going here.)

So here it goes:

2nd grader - Singapore 2B (she finished 2A over the summer & finished all     of 1A & 1B last year.)
K5 - Singapore's Earlybird Pre-School 1A and 1B; Kumon's My Book of Numbers

2nd grader - Have not fully decided yet, but I think we might be using First Language Lessons.If not, we will continue doing copywork/dictation as well as our Latin program which has lots of grammar in it, For spelling we will be using Spelling Power.  For Reading we will be reading age appropriate and reading level appropriate books. Right now she is in the midst of the Little House Series and is reading Farmer Boy (book 3).
K5 - We will begin using The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading

2nd grader - Italic Handwriting Series Book D
K5 - Italic Handwriting Series Book A

We will do the following subjects together. My K5 will just be listening and doing what she can. My 2nd grader will be doing more age appropriate assignments.

Memoria Press' Prima Latina

Mystery of History and Story of the World (especially the Activity Book)

Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space

Draw Write Now - Continue with Book 1 - On the Farm

The curriculum for this has not been fully picked yet, but our church hands out take home forms that include a 4 day devotional for my 2nd grader. My K5 will be working on her memory verse of the week. We also have a monthly memory verse that coordinates (as well as I can get it to) with the month. We will also be concentrating on certain character traits including patience and obedience.

So that's it for curriculum ... I think. Be sure to link up Heart of the Matter Online">here with your post. Next weeks post will be the School Room Week.

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Anonymous said...

Just seeing this list made me glad I wasn't having to put together curriculum for this year. I can't even imagine how much time this took.

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