Saturday, August 7, 2010

Exercise but No Results - Fit Mommy

I did way better with exercise this week. So that makes me feel good. However, the scale did not show any progress. That is one of my main reasons with not following through with continuing to diet/have a lifestyle change. I don't see results for a week or two and then go back to my old bad habits. I'm not going to do that this time.

Take today for example. My husband and I were packing and getting things ready for a short trip and drove for about 5 hours. But after getting settled and going out to eat a nice dinner at an Irish pub, we came home and exercised in the pool. That was good for me. I feel a bit more energized and not really as upset from no movement on the scale.

So this week I plan on continuing to do my workout with my husband. This past week I did the one he posted here. It was quite invigorating. We didn't have a pull up bar here at the hotel, but I used a step in the pool and held a push up for a while. And instead of squats, I did leg kicks with legs together and no splashing - all kicks under water to increase resistance. It was great and still relaxing.

So how was your week? I'd love to hear about it. And don't forget to head over to Got Chai? and share your post.


Samantha said...

I have been there. Don't give up! :)

Anonymous said...

Just keep heading in the right direction! The more you do now, the more you can do later.

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