Friday, July 30, 2010

Gaining not Losing - Fit Mommy Friday

So this week has not been as good to me as most. You would think after such a great weekend and exercising and eating right I would've stayed on track, but once again it seems as if I have fallen off the band wagon. I even GAINED a pound - not my idea of fun or getting fit.

So today my husband and I spent our exercise time mowing the lawn - which really needed it (some of the weeds were up to my knees.) Anyways, we also went to the mall and walked around and I plan on playing a little on the Wii tonight. So my determination for this week is increase the exercise.

I think that is my main problem - exercise and lack of consistency. This week I plan to get good cardio exercise in at least 5 out of 7 days. I will be walking at least 1/2 mile (twice around my little neighborhood) for no less then 3 days. Today the lawn work counts for the "walking" so that's one day. Yeah!

One other thing I hope to do is to really watch my intake of extra carbs. Sometimes I get hungry and I just eat. Instead of eating right away I plan on drinking some water. That will help me meet my goal of 40 - 64 oz of water per day as well as curb the hunger.

Another item I am going to include this week is regular quiet time. I need to get this back rolling on a regular basis so that by time we get back to going to school everyone knows when it's rest time - mom will be doing her own 'rest time' and getting in touch with God.

So to sum it up, my goals for this week are:

Exercise - cardio at least 5 out of 7 days
Water - 40-64 oz (before having a Coke Zero - and only drink 1 per day max)
Carbs - Keep between 20-30 per day
Food - Eat 1 raw meal or snack per day
Spiritual - Personal quiet time and Bible reading

So how have you done? Would love to hear about your week. And I always love encouragement. Be sure and stop by at Got Chai? and post about your Fit Mommy Friday.


Samantha said...

I am with you on the DNG team. I am also a fitness minded momma. I have a few before blog posts, and am glad to be far away from that person. 6 children were not friendly to my figure and I am happy to have gone from a 16-18 to a 6 :) I will be following your blog, and would love if you jumped over to mine!

Pebblekeeper said...

I have been following Kris on Eclipsed - she keeps me encouraged. I like the 1/2 mile walk goal. I need to set that and do it. I think my brain programs that if I can't do the "big" walk - then I will wait til tomorrow. Then I find a week of yesterdays have come along. . . . . I made a new friend that is a quarter mile away and have been walking to her house - I need to do that more. :) Thanks for the encouragement.

~ Denise ~ said...

Some weeks are better than others, that's for sure! (Been there, done that...)But it sounds like you really kicked things up with the mowing, mall walking and Wii Fit time. That's excellent! :)

What I've had to do--whilst composing my daily To Do List--is actually write "Workout" at the top of the page. That way I know I have to get my exercise in, BEFORE I start anything else. I find working out first thing in the morning works best for me (or when my children were little, I worked out during nap time). That way I have fewer distractions to contend with! ;-)

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the scale next week. :) You can do it!!!!

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