Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birds and other Flying Creatures

It seems I have been a day off all week. So today (which is now Thursday) I'm posting my Tuesday Nature finds. It's really irritating me that I'm late (or at least in my mind I'm late), but it seems that there is nothing I can do. So I will be posting what I can today and try and 'catch up' for the rest of the week or next week.

So this week we've seen some beautiful creations. I was able to capture this wonderful butterfly flitting around some bushes while I was dropping the girls at Savtah's house. The funny thing was that the butterfly would fly away when a car came by and then fly back to the same exact flower once it had passed. It did that several times until I was able to capture this photo.

I also was able to get this far away shot of a hawk while I was out walking last week. I'm pretty certain it's a Red-Shouldered Hawk, but the picture (even on close up) doesn't give quite enough to make completely certain. I've not managed to get another shot of him sitting still, but I do believe him and some friends are the ones circling in this picture.

I have also been trying to get some better pictures of the birds that enjoy food from our bird feeder. These two pictures are not very good but I'd rather let you see them then to not put pictures here. I think the one is a crow of sorts (still haven't identified) and the other one is a mystery to me. I also have a couple - male and female Cardinals - but every time I go to take their picture off they fly.

My last picture for this week is this wonderful dragonfly, whom I caught while finishing my walk today. He was perched on these flowers by the end of my driveway. I have been trying to make a habit or bringing my camera with me on walks. I have missed some pictures that would have been awesome and I do not want to miss anymore.

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