Sunday, July 18, 2010

Better Late Then Never - Fit Mommy Friday

This week has been so busy, so I'm going to keep this short. And yes, I know it's not Friday. But somehow I have been completely off schedule.

So I didn't lose any more weight this week. I actually gained, but just a tiny bit. I only really worked out one day, but the others I continued with my purposeful far-away parking to allow for extra exercise.

Between the computer issues, and the hugely busy weekend (which included making a meal for a pot luck dinner that was totally unexpected for my girls' culmination night at VBS, making a cake for a baby shower that came down to the last minute, and making it to my niece's 6th birthday which happened to be at the exact same times as the baby shower) I'm glad the stress didn't add massive pounds.

I am more focused this week to keep my plan of 20 or so carbs, walking 3x's per week, at least 8 glasses of water, and eating extra veggies.

This coming week we are taking a family trip to visit my bestest friend in FL so I hope to be able to continue my journey (which should be no problem since she's eating way healthier then me and we have plans of a hike and walking) as well as update my blog on the correct day. :)

How'd your week go? I'd love to hear. And be sure to stop by Get Chai? and link up.


Anonymous said...

Finally! I about had a fit waiting for this post.
I guess this means that:
1) I need to get lots of green veggies for your visit;
2) We need to hike, walk, everyday you are here visiting; and
3) Are either of you interested in going to Crossfit with us?

Kelly said...

1 and 2 sound great (plus did you get my email I sent about all the great things to do??)
3 - I don't know - I'd/we'd be willing to try, but some of those workouts sound HARD!!

Anonymous said...

I won't make you Crossfit. If I did you would be in too much pain to enjoy anything while here.

Did I mention Friday's workout nearly killed me. Well, not really, but it was hard.
It was Deadlifts (95lbs for women) and pushups.
Sets of 20 each, 19, 18, 17, 16...2, 1

(so 20 deadlifts, 20 pushups; then 19 deadlifts, 19 pushups; on until you do just 1 of each)

I thought it would take about 45 minutes. But I was done in 33 minutes! Some of the guys were done in about 20 minutes.

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