Monday, March 29, 2010

Couponing at Walgreens

Well this is my first of many, I hope, entries on grocery shopping and couponing at many stores. I'm starting with this one for many reasons. First it was a quick and painless shopping trip with all items in stock, all with coupons (except one needed thing), asavings of 50% or above (the more the better) and the cashiers were all pleasant. Many times my grocery experiences can be tainted with any one of these things missing. Add in that sometimes I need to shop with all three children (which is not necessarily a bad thing or hard, just makes the trip MUCH longer and sometimes a bit more stressful then usual.)
So the other night after I delivered my cake to its location (more on that in another post) the kids were being watched and my husband, Stephen was with me. We made a plan to go home grab my coupons (which I had forgotten in the rush to get to the delivery place in time) and run out to the store to get the items before the sales ended. Whenever there is a sale for diapers or pull-ups, I usually stock up with as many coupons as I have. That way I don't run out - which has happened and is not a pretty picture. I have even run out of pull-ups and placed Audrie in one of Seanan's diapers because I don't want her wetting the bed at night and she still hasn't figured out how to "hold" it all night through.
So Walgreens had many things on sale - cold medicines, pull-ups, and personal items that are much better when you get them on sale. So this is how I did it. We went around the store and retrieved all the necessary items. Then I split my order into two transactions (so that I could use the register rewards that I would receive from my first order to help bring the cost down from my 2nd order.) So I purchased 4 nyquils (2 daytime and 2 nighttime) and 1 vapor rub so that I could get $10 in Register Rewards (RR) back. I had a coupon for all 4 meds so my total that I paid was $19.75 with tax. I then received the $10 RR. So my second transaction I purchased 2 Huggies Pull-up packages and 2 packages of kotex panty liners (so that I could earn another $5RR for future use), travel size wipes (no coupon), and surprising purchase of formula that was discounted. The total for that order was $40.74 before coupons and RR. My actual payment was $25.10 with tax. The most exciting thing I think was finding the formula that has a regular price of $27.99 on sale for $14.99! I spent $44.85 overall out of pocket. I saved $60.60 for a 74% savings. That is awesome!! So take heart, if you are new to couponing it takes a while - but it is worthwhile! Any questions, feel free to comment. I'll try to help any way I can. I've included a picture of my purchases (which is missing one bag of pull-ups because Audrie had already taken them upstairs to put away when I remembered to take a picture.)

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Becky said...

Sounds confusing...but I'm sure by the time I'm out on my own I will understand it better and can use it to my advantage!!!...

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