Saturday, February 27, 2010

Plans - sometimes they just don't go as planned

I had planned to post earlier today, but then I was tired. We had gotten up, earlier then usual for a Saturday, to help our church with the new building. I went to help paint and Stephen was to help with tiling. When I got home, my mother-in-law kept the girls and Seanan went for bed and instead of doing anything (blog or clean) I just chilled out and tried to rest (and get rid of a headache I had since waking). Then I went to see my parents before I thought I'd be picking Stephen back up. He wasn't ready to go so I had to rush and go shopping before the stores closed and my "sale items" for this week were no longer on sale. (I'll eventually get to couponing and savings in here, but not now).
So now I've put Seanan to bed, the girls are in bed, I'm exhausted (and I didn't really work too hard) and my poor husband is still at the church with two other men tiling away.
Until next time, good night.

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